The Intifada

by Attention Madison

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released August 18, 2014

Allusion Productions



all rights reserved


Attention Madison Washington, D.C.

Hang on to the flash of life

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Track Name: Vote Day
Vote on Tuesday. Tuesday's the only day. Republican or Democrat. Fuck it all they're all wack. Vote on who you know. That guy you saw on that show. The one they put on NBC. They'll edit him for your needs. Vote on Tuesday. It probably won't mean a thing. All I really wanna know is where's my next paycheck. Vote on Tuesday. Really every 4 years it's the only fuckin' day? Yea you can vote absentee. But they'll probably count it next week.

I don't care who the top 40 are. I wanna know who the presidents are.

Republican or democrat. They'll tax your beer and smoke your crack. If you're rich he'll make you smile. He'll kill the poor to feed your child. Don't worry I won't complain. Just give me all my medicaid. Then I'll be out of your way. Whatever Sanja Gupta says.

Don't submit to the media czar. Don't blind our reasons with your politics war.

Vote on Tuesday to pick a man that rules you every day. He lives his dreams off of your cash. But won't pay for your heart attack.

Can't you see what they're all trying to do. They try to fill your head with everything but a clue. It doesn't matter if it's red or blue, they just try to pass the same torch around you.
Track Name: A Boy Once Said
i had no faith i knew it from the start
i wont bow down to a man nailed to a cross
a casualty. a man that went insane
with followers that turned their back on him

a story that is 2000 years old a fairytale so well told
you confessed your sins for a putrid man
your soul is saved great now life is perfect

oh wait. are people getting killed?
I guess God's with them. He overtook their will
No masters, no leaders and no kings
this is what you do when you let your freedom ring

Escuche! Quiremos todo paz
Y Oigo! Vamos a ganar!
Dormirdo con miedo! Nunca mas!
No te Creero un hombre en el cielo!
Uno Cuento! Un falso Lugar!
El Solo dice, que el necesite!

Nosotros quiremos vivemos en paz, tu no nos dejas y nunca para!
Porque tu palabra es siempre el fin
You say not to sin but they kill in your name!!!!
Track Name: Unmarked Victim
Now that youre awake do you see what i see? boys and girls can I have your attention right now.

You're at home with no worries,
your safest spot on the earth
look out the window and what do you see?
they're watching you. they'll never let you be

Their badge of honor might give a clue
When your name is blacked out out

WIth a gun behind your back
they give you liberty that they call tax,
with the red spot pointed at your head
the casualties that america led

to the victor goes the spoils
as they sign your blood for oil
Track Name: War Children
You know we're inside the walls. Between the rise and the fall.

We were the children of Yore living on the streets. We thought that society had us all defeat. We were lost kids within our lives lost children with open eyes. When your everyday mantra, was to live or die.

We'll win this war.

We never wanted to steal. We had to fight for each meal.

They said they'll help you but not within an unarmed reach. They'll give you a gun before they'll ever give you meat. So we banded together to form our street family. Because those who we once called our parents they turned their cheeks.
Track Name: Adventura
i told you to hang on, and let the lights past
you said "of course lets go." And that was that
And where we'll go we'll let our lives flash right before our eyes
We'll dip to the set of no regrets and rise

We'll fall down to get up
Dont worry your moment in time will never stop.
We're losing the daylight so breakthrough
Don't ever just label yourself cuz you are you.

They'll try to change you and try to make you
to what they want and what your life should
revolve around and be about but it's your time.

They'll tell you what to think and see and tell
you how to drink and eat and keep you from
living your dreams, it's up to you to change your life.

Enough of this shit, i'm pulling through
i'm not a lab rat under a fool
do you expect me to just go nod my head and smile?
Track Name: A.A.
I don't want to live my life this way, having to be sober everyday. Now it's something that I cannot control. As the system's got me on parole. Now I've got to watch my games alone, watch my friends get fucked out of their skulls, as my girl's with her new boss at work. Now I'm looking like a f***ing jerk.

Think I was molested in my cell. Was so drunk I couldn't even tell. Guess I was a nice damn piece of tail. Because I know someone had paid my bail. Just wanna get real drunk from dusk till dawn. Now I gotta scrape the resin off my bong. Because the system took my money and my job. Well I wont be sober for too long.

I don't want to live my life this way. Guess I learned my lesson for a day. Gonna rob a liquor store tonight. Because we know two wrongs will make a right. Guess Ill do some other drugs instead. What's next on the list? Oh crystal meth! It's really hard to think during the day. When you've got to live your life this way.
Track Name: Capitalists
Practicing the Freedom to Bail. Marketing the Product of Fear.
Trading our Social Securities. Licensing our taxed profits.
Meeting the supplies and demands of society.
Feed the patriarchs and the xenophobes our interest fees.
How could you have not seen our invisible hands.

Through all we sell.

Subsidize your dreams to be like them.
Pay the least so you can make the most.
Tell us all what we want to hear.
So we can customize our fear.

Meeting the supplies and demands of aristocracy.
Feed the patriarchs and the xenophobes our interest fees.
How could you have not seen our invisible hands.
Track Name: The Closing
We never thought we’d go this far. And propagate the waves of air. We never knew there were oceans in space. Or that lightening brought us here.

Why those who teach us keeps us blind.
We are here as much as we’re not. We are real as much as we are fake. See the real world.

You reset back to a place in a world that you never been. And you hear the sine in the white noise that you can sing. And the rate of earth means nothing when you finally see the end. But when you go just let me know.
Because what you seek is not in this world. It’s before our souls and skies. Because I’ve seen your face before our lives.
Track Name: You Lose
quit my job, two weeks late, got off while i revelate, on the street rob a store stealing money for a show. Take a hit, that's not it, smash your jaw right into place, in all done go away, my life just dies every day.

You lose. cuz you one too many times.

Went to school with a gun, with no rules, got sent home, then came back, an attack, came back home with body sacks, saw a girl; fellatio, left her in the shower cold, i went to my apartment and i cut the elevator wires.

you lose, because you won too many times.